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Medical expenses are getting costlier and health insurance becoming a necessity for all. Ensure that you are insured so as to meet your medical emergencies without draining out all your earnings. Compare plans available from leading health insurance providers in UAE. Find the best fit for you and family.

Basics of health insurance that you should know:

The concept of insurance is joining hands to face certain insecurities of life. Insurance assures you financial support to cover massive expenses arising out of unfortunate events such as an accident or critical illness or even other health requirements. While considering insurance, it would help to know the basics involved.

  • The payment you make towards insurance is referred to as Premiums.
  • According to the plan you have chosen and as per the TOB of that medical expenses you incur shall be met by the insuring company. These payments are referred to as Benefits.
  • Benefits usually include partly the hospital charges, doctor’s fee, prescription medicines and so on.
  • Even though you are insured, you may have to meet certain expenses. The payment that the insured is responsible to pay is the deductible.
  • There are plans where expenses of covered medical services (after the deductibles are met) are shared between the insured and the company, i.e. coinsurance plans.

Here is our guideline for choosing the right health insurance plan:

  • Go through the basics of health insurance / read the TOB carefully
  • If you have other policies , check what your existing policies do not cover.
  • Calculate your eligibility and cover amounts you prefer for yourself and for your family.
  • List out what your health insurance plan should essentially cover.
  • Check the network of hospitals with in the plan
  • Go for the best fit – ideally from a leading trusted service provider. Make sure you know the coinsurance, co-pay, deductibles and maximum out-of-pocket terms of the plan.
  • Even after your homework, let a company official explain the terms and benefits to you so that you can make sure the terms are as per your expectations.

To underline the fact, in spite of the premiums paid, the deductibles and out of pocket payments, health insurance considerably lowers your medical expenses and it is mandatory for your Resident Visa process

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